Thursday, 2 March 2017

January & February Favourites 2017

Hey guys!
For 2017, I have decided to change up my content plan and write my monthly favourites instead of film them. My channel will now focus more of vlogs and occasionally tutorials and my blog will now focus on lookbooks (yes i'm going back to how it all started hehe), monthly favourites, reviews and of course, the same old dedications and special events. 

Why am I making this change? Well firstly, it is (sorta) a brand new year and since I have plans to take a gap year to kinda focus on being me, I thought some things needed a change. 
Secondly, I felt that I have been neglecting my blog the past year and since blogging was how I started, I thought that I should give it some more attention. Well they always say, remember your roots.
Thirdly, I felt that there's just too many people in the YouTube community doing what I do on YouTube, to the point where its not special anymore. Yes, it is true that my opinions are different from others, but looking at it, I honestly feel I don't differ from other youtubers out there. And looking at the local YouTube community, I can honestly say I've been pretty disappointed. Of course, I'm not abandoning my channel or anything, I just thought focusing on my vlogs would be more personal and different. So let's just see where this goes!

Anyway, back to the main objective of this post! I decided to combine my January and February favourites for the obvious reason that I haven't shared my January favourites yet. So yup, these were what I had been loving for the past 2 months!

Beauty Favourites

Daiso Palette

Yup, you read it. I actually have a Daiso makeup favourite! I wouldn't say the shadows are very  pigmented but I love how easy it is to create a subtle smokey eye. Plus points for the convenient packaging!!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

I've always been into waterproof mascaras as I'm a rather active person and I tend to sweat a lot. I'm rather late to the game but this honey, is a game changer! I love how it volumizes my lashes tremendously and how easy it is to remove.

13rushes Travel Brush Set

No regrets purchasing these travel sized brushes as they are incredibly soft and handy! I'm always doing makeup on the go and so I found it very convenient to bring these around in my purse. I am obsessed with the white and turquoise theme and of course, the fact that it is a local brand. Best of all, they are cruelty free!

Am a sucker for cute packaging and sweet notes so I was really happy when I received my parcel. It even came with their own little story book!

I like how every brush has a name on their handles. A great set for people who are new to makeup!

Colourpop Shadow Pigment in Lala

I have been obsessed with rose gold and I truly enjoyed using this super shock shadow from Colourpop. It gives a lovely pop of colour and it creates a sweet and romantic appearance to the eyes. Been rocking this with a brick-red shade in my crease!

Australis Banana Powder

The Banana Powder has been known for its ability to brighten the under eyes, and even though it doesn't make my dark circles fully disappear, I do see a difference as compared to when I use normal powders.

Mary-Lou Manizer

One of the highlighters I've always wanted to try! Managed to get this at a steal and I have been loving the natural glowy shine it gives. Definitely a staple in every makeup collection!

Fashion Favourites

Red dress from Purpur

My first ever red dress added into my wardrobe and it was appropriate for Chinese New Year then. The V-cut made it extra feminine and I loved how the dress covers my food belly nicely after all that snacking and binging hehe

Denim Pants from Ezbuy

I was always skeptical about buying denim pants and jeans online as I am rather tall. This was definitely one of my best buys as they are so comfortable and chic. There is an elastic band at the waist which makes it easier to stretch and the 3/4 length is perfect for someone like me. Plus point for the pockets!!

Till next time x

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Selfie #1

"Selfie" is a series where I basically shoot myself with my tripod and DSLR. All shots were taken with a Canon 650D and edited using VSCO Cam. 

I've always enjoyed spending alone time working on the things I love, and that includes exploring and documenting. It may seem weird to some people when they hear that I take my own photos because of all the judgement I may get in public, but if you have a passion you shouldn't be restricting yourself and worrying about those who don't understand. I have been taking my own ootds and campaign shots alone for quite some time but this is my first time sharing collections from each day that I shoot. So enjoy!

/Photos shot on 8 January 2017/

Outfit: Top from Ohvola 
Location: Gardens By The Bay

Outfit: Dress from Ohvola | Shoes from H&M
Location: Marina Bay Sands

Outfit: Top and Bottom from Ezbuy
Location: Stadium

Till next time x